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We recommend 2 restaurants in Pourville :

- "Les Régates", located on the beach Pourville, 2 minutes walk from the Villa Quartz and welcomes you all year round, with stunning views of the sea and the cliffs of Cap d'Ailly . Mussels, fish and chips and salads ! Team "young and dynamic" Stephane, Fabi .... It is also the "table" of many people from Dieppe and, an "Up to date" place to have a drink: a "must" when you stay at Pourville!

- "Le Trou Normand" for lovers of traditional French cuisine, is a gourmet restaurant in a high quality, well located 3 minutes walk from the Villa Quartz. Beautiful card. Excellent champagne.




Walks and sportive activities



Pourville-sur-Mer, the striking beauty of its landscapes, has been a high place of inspiration for the Impressionists, including Monet through both wires shown to the left.

Pourville was also a resort for many artists and musicians such as Debussy. He composed his symphony "La Mer".









In Pourville-on-sea, you can enjoy the beach, water sports center, miniature golf, tennis courts and an equestrian club.

The GR 21 coastal path along the cliff, is one of the finest in the region with its outlook on the sea. Do not miss! The 18 hole golf course is located in Dieppe, 3 minutes from Pourville.

Dieppe also offers many opportunities : the resort with a heated outdoor pool with sea water, the marina, the Saturday morning market, its racecourse, etc..

A little further on, you can visit Varengeville-sur-Mer, the charming resort of Veules-les-Roses, or Etretat, with its famous cliffs.



Golf resort of Dieppe (2 km)

Dieppe Marina, in town center(5 km).

The typical market of saturday morning (5 km)

The nautical center of pourville beach (300 m)




Dieppe racecourse in summer

Dieppe resort(5 km)

Festival of kites in Dieppe.

The GR 21, coastal trail.

The cliffs of Cap d'Ailly

Tennis (200 m)

Equestrian Club ( 2Km)

Bicycle path

Looking for a restaurant to Pourville ?

The cstel of Dieppe

The sea museum

The "Parc des Moutiers", beautiful garden.

Church of Varengeville

Possibilities of visits and cultural activities are important around Pourville, between the Castle Museum of Dieppe, the Cité de la Mer, parks and gardens, the church of Varengeville-sur-Mer, and many Manoirs to visit.

At any time of year, exhibitions are also numerous. Dieppe has a cultural center with a high-quality programming (DSN).

Making shopping at Pourville...

You will find some food shops at Pourville :

- "Chez Adèle" bakery located on the beach Pourville, 5 minutes walk from the Villa Quartz. Let yourself be tempted by the famous wand and the old Norman pie! For lunch, you can also have lunch in the brasserie. Excellent value for money with dish of the day ....! There are also some troubleshooting products (wine, cheese ...) and the press.

- "The Huitriere" For lovers of oysters, no hesitation. Great choice. House Goubert, on the beach, you prepare the oysters away to your home or eat on the spot ....

Other food shops are available around Pourville: a supermarket "Coccinelle" in Varengeville-sur-Mer, many shops in Petit-Appeville and Offranville (including a supermarket "Carrefour Market" opened Sunday morning), 5 minutes car..


Relaxation and welfare

A holiday by the sea, it is an opportunity to relax and to recharge: to complete your long relaxing walks on the beach, why not offer you a massage "at home"?

Our friend Sylvie Crevecoeur, renowned for several years in the Dieppe area can welcome you in her space "energy source" in Varengeville-sur-Mer (about 3 km), and offer massages and body treatments : Tibetan massage, oriental, hot stones, body scrubs, drainage, facials, etc ... If you do not want to move, Sylvie can even move to Villa Quartz and deliver its massage "at home" in your home before you travel. You can discover all his work on his website: and contact her at 0033 ( to fix an appointment during your stay. Call her early enough before your arrival....