Villa Quartz, erected on the cliffs on the south side of Pourville-sur-Mer, was completed in 2009, after a year of construction. Unique and futuristic architecture on the Alabaster Coast, black and transparent, made of steel and glass, designed by Eric-Pascal Legris, Architect designer. Since July 2009, it offers 5 beautiful holiday lodges furnished in a contemporary design and spirit, which all have a fantastic panoramic view of the sea and the cliffs through large windows: "White lodge", "Quartz Lodge", " Crystal Lodge"," Red Lodge" and" Blue Lodge", a range consisting of the symphony ... around mineral quartz, which stimulate energy and help to recharge ... to the sea and the horizon cliffs!














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Villa Quartz(Elected, in 2011, the 4th most beautiful modern Villa in France by "France TV")

Sur On the site (see ground plan left), everything is designed to offer maximum comfort and privacy for the occupants of the Lodges.

Access are separate and independent. Buildings are staggered to preserve privacy.

Parking is located at the entrance to the property, thereby not be generated by the movement of cars.

2 terraces, located beloww the garden facng the sea, allow tenants to enjoy the garden and the sun until late afternoon on developed areas.



Villa Quartz, seen from the south, appears as "suspended" on the sea...

La The view of the sea, which offers all the holiday lodges of Villa Quartz, is unforgettable !

Two outdoor lounges were constructed in the garden overlooking the sea, reserved for occupants of Lodges Quartz and Crystal, to enable them to enjoy the sun all day, protected from sea breezes, in addition to their terraces located on the sea front of their houses.

The garden and all Lodges offer amazing views and overhanging the sea, Pourville beach, cliffs and the Scie Valley.

Villa Quartz, seen from the north, is built on several levels to conform to the natural slope. The 5 Lodges are all located on the ground floor with garden, terraces with sea view.

As an amphitheater facing the sea, the garden is built on several terraces, punctuated by clumps of lavender, bamboo and rosemary. It is criss-crossed by narrow alleys, which allow to walk in eace, rest in front of the sea, and access to houses Lodges.

GrâceThanks to the mild climate, tropical plants like Gunera thrive in the park by the sea, surrounded by lavender fields, reeds, bamboo, palm and rosemary.

Ground plan of Villa Quartz


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The reception area of Villa Quartz

A reception area is located on the ground floor of the Villa Quartz. It offers documentation, tourist and cultural information on the Dieppe area, internet corner, DVD, etc. This space is facilitated by regular exhibitions.

The parking of Villa Quartz

At the entrance, a parking was built with 6 seats. A place is provided by lodge and a sixth place for visitors. You can park your car safety and close to your apartment.

Racks for bicycle parking have been installed in the parking lot.

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