The path of Albion ... Do you know this magical place in Pourville-sur-Mer? This is a small road that winds through pine trees at the top of the cliff on the southern slope of the Saw Valley. Punctuated by beautiful seaside houses of the nineteenth century, the Way of Albion overlooks the sea and the Pourville beach, with discretion and privacy. There are a few months, over a walk, a field and a house are offered to our imagination in this exceptional place and certainly pre-designed to accommodate a "satellite" of the Villa Quartz ! The project "Square Quartz" was thus born, in the conceptual extension of the Villa Quartz. Square Quartz is complementary Lodges of the Villa Quartz, offering 3 bedrooms with formula "guesthouse" (Bed & Breakfast), that is to say accommodation with breakfast. All three rooms have an unforgettable view of the sea and cliffs, and breakfasts are served in the open space of the "Carré" in front of the sea. The garden also has several small intimate outdoor places with outdoor furniture for enjoy the sun and sea views in privacy. Between the lodges of the Villa Quartz, self-catering apartments and guest rooms of Quartz Square, where you will cocoon, so you can choose the option that best suits you according to your mood ...! And if you are with family or friends, you can also choose to rent all the Carré, only for you (max : 6 pax)!


Le Carré Quartz

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Lodges of Villa Quartz / Homepage of Carré Quartz - Presentation of Carré - the "Living" - Chrome Bdr - Platine Bdr - Titane Bdr- Prices- Practical information-






The Carré Quartz offers a magical and unforgettable view of the sea, the beach of Pourville and the valley of the Scie river through the pines ... A perfect Zen ambiance ! You can enjoy this view throughout the garden (1300 m2), which also offers intimate spaces for relaxation in the sun.






Open since October 2014


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Le Carré Quartz : purified form, on the same basis as chromatic Villa Quartz, very wide openings to remain true to the concept "Outside / Inside" or "Inside / Outside" spirit "Villa Quartz". In every room, you live in the middle of pine trees with a view on the sea. The northwest facade facing the sea, which can be admired through large windows and some 3m windows. It is surrounded by a beautiful spacious terrace, which extends the open space inside the ground garden, equipped with outdoor furniture to enjoy the sun, garden and sea views ... Le Carré Quartz offers a total living space of 130 m2, on two levels, with 3 bedrooms and autonomous space "living" Common ground floor serving breakfasts around a central kitchen.


A terraced garden in front of the sea

The garden was designed in 1966, during the initial construction of the villa by Mr. and Mrs. Cottard. Having recently acquired this land, we are gradually trying to "understand" it. It will take some time ... Some of its species have reached full maturity, some deserve special care to re-grow. Pine trees are beautiful. We have created a pond that animates the space that will allow us to install water plants ... The garden has the interest to offer several small stepped terraces, where you can isolate and rest admiring the sea.


Satellite of Villa Quartz, the "Carré" is covered in black to capture all the energy....

The facade East Square is animated by a large circular opening, to capture the light of the rising sun in the master bedroom deck and enjoy a spectacular view of the valley of the Scie river!

The west facade is oriented towards the sea. The living room, on the ground floor is open to the sea with large windows and is extended by a terrace. Titanium room, upstairs, rushed to the beach through its large triangular bay.

One enters by the South frontage, by walking in front of a generous wooded slope.

The living room is extended by a beautiful and colorful terrace to enjoy the sea views, sunlight and Buddha ...

The North frontage, with the entry of Chrome room and private terrace